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Construction in this Day and Age


Let’s try to look back a few centuries, or even just a few decades ago.

Man used to have nothing. He only had himself and his family, if ever he had one. He used to hunt for whatever food he ate, or pick fruits and other edible crops that he could gather. He used to seek shelter either under trees or in caves. Later on he tried to build his house using sticks, dry leaves, dirt and straw.

But then all these evolved, albeit rather quickly, and even rather tremendously.

Man now enjoys the comforts of having a roof over his head, a building he regularly goes to work in, malls to spend leisure time in, roads to trek, bridges to cross, and other structures that most often provide more and more convenience and further expedite the fast-paced lifestyle.

It is commonplace to take these things for granted as these facilities have been around for a while and because construction has always been equated with modern living.

Just look around and you’ll see what construction has done to the urban landscape. Most of the facilities and infrastructure where the average man spends most of his time are either in homes, buildings or other similar structures. Services like electricity, phone, cable and Internet are supplied through government infrastructure.

For example, just look at the roads and bridges that facilitate transportation. These roads and bridges do not just allow people to travel conveniently, but also gives consumers more access to more products. Just imagine if there were still no paved roads and bridges and everything had to be done the old way. All products would be spoiled and nobody would want to take their business to distant locations. And that’s just one benefit brought about by construction. Obviously, there’s a long list.

Building structures like houses, buildings, commercial areas, parks, leisure and amusement centres have also evolved from being wooden structures with thatched roofs to having concrete walls, glass windows with helipads and roof gardens.

Indeed, the construction industry has undergone a lot of facelifts as man adapted to his environment together with the continuing requirements for better, more appropriate and more environment-friendly options. This is the era of “green living” and green buildings are gaining popularity, not just in keeping with the trend but because of its environmental impact.

Now, our forefathers did not just jump from building with primitive materials to creating concrete structures overnight. Some forms of construction are even reflective of the era in which they were built. Examples of this are the pyramids in Egypt and the Stonehenge in the UK.

In some countries, the amount of construction projects are also noted as indicative of how the economy is going – e.g. in Australia, more building construction presents a picture of a recovering economy.

Construction is an essential part of man’s life and will continually evolve with the times as development and progress take place.